The new optic fibre infrastructure installed around Mombasa is a new Multi Service Provisioning Platform offering both legacy TDM and cutting edge IP Services for home and business broadband.


    A local Internet Service Provider would mean 24 hour support whenever you need it. Taylor made services and plans to suit your business with flexible payment process and billing cycles.


    Pwani Telecomms Ltd operates as a Wireless Internet service Provider utilizing one of the Latest broadband technologies with us namely the Motorola Broadband Wireless Internet Platform referred to as Canopy.


    As corporate entities seek to cut down on costs, most businesses try to Merge resources and share them from a focal Point. This in turn reduces running costs and increases revenue due to cutting down on unnecessary...

Our Broadband Packages

Pwani telecomms Always known as an innovator and technology leader which provides high-quality Internet connectivity. You can rest assured with our special Packages.

Pwani telecomms Ltd ( PTL) trade mark as ikenya.com Pwani Telecomms Ltd has been registered ISP and in service since 1999. The first real ISP based in mombasa, Kenya. PTL takes pride in being able to provide out customers with solution tailored to their specific needs internet/Email access solution.

Experience is everything We've got a proven record of getting it right. High-quality broadband services Our new portfolio focuses on meeting the needs of homeworkers and small businesses. New Product Portfolio Ideal for homeworkers & small businesses. Pwani telecomms broadband is designed for better business. Whenever you're in trouble, we'll stand by you. So if things go wrong, they're there for you.

PTL Company the most reliable connection, the best network and support.

Many ISP's entice new clients with a set of low price points that seem too good to pass up. Unfortunately, they are also too good to be true. Very quickly, the hidden costs of these "super-saver" ISP's become painfully clear: Reduced customer support, limited uptime, suspect security measures. The few pennies saved on the front end can't compare to the shillings lost on the back end.

At Pwani, we offer a cadre of competitively priced services without sacrificing speed, efficiency or reliability.

Our Products

  • Networks
  • Broadband Packages
  • Dedicated internet services via Wireless and Fibre optic connections
  • Virtual Private Networks ( Over the internet)
  • Webhosting
  • Domain Registration
  • VOIP Services
  • Online Advertisement
  • Mass Mailing services
  • Remote Access configuration services
  • Local VPN
  • IP based solutions
  • Surveillance solutions
  • Structured network solutions
  • Wireless networking & Hot spots
  • Video conferencing
  • Chat
  • Web content provision
  • Remote Back- up
  • Solutions