Services & Solutions

With a well established and owned wireless infrastructure, Pwani Telecomms Provides Internet, Voice and Video service on Multiple Locations within its Infrastructure.



PTL is able to provide the services outside our infrastructure through the Internet with the use of IP cameras.

As it is, our infrastructure is able to Transmit and Receive Compressed streaming video which can be used to monitor or have real-time surveillance of remote godowns and offices from a central location.

Video conferencing will become a vital feature on the fiber terminated link and Pwani Telecomms is geared to provide the service.



VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) allows users to use regular telephone networks anywhere through any internet service provider.

As a value added Services, all clients connected to Pwani will be able to enjoy this free (Pwani to Pwani clients) Value added services available 24/7 within our wireless Infrastructure.

PTL is able to provide the same VoIP service over the internet through subscription; this is a major competitive advantage over our competitors. In the business.

VoIP is a great benefit to major corporations trying to cut costs by simply running network cables which are used to relay voice through the internet.


As corporate entities seek to cut down on costs, most businesses try to Merge resources and share them from a focal Point. This in turn reduces running costs and increases revenue due to cutting down on unnecessary expenditure e.g. telephone calls between two branch offices in the same town using the local Public Switched Telephone Network.

We at Pwani Telecomms Ltd have custom tailored solutions to meet our customer's demands.

PTL is able to connect remote offices to their main/Head offices all over the country through a custom tailored approach via the internet both wireless and fiber.

This we normally do after a survey and a prototype model of the setup will be put to client before the solution is put to ground.

Backed by Motorola Microwave equipment, we are in a Position to Provide cost effective Cellular IP Backbone Microwave links to MSPs

Our Coverage

  • Pwani Telecomms owns and operates its own Wireless Infrastructure spanning from Jomvu, Ukunda, Kwale, Mtwapa, Entire Nyali, or converging at the Mombasa Island Base Station.
  • PTL has a Total of 8 base stations, Interconnected with Microwave Links which are mounted with our Motorola base station antennas. Recently we upgraded our coverage to include the entire country by use of Fibre and Wimax solutions.
  • We have leased Circuits Point to Point and Multipoint connections For Private companies and VPNs in Our layer Two/Three Network.
  • We have Incorporated a Number of ISPs in our network and we Provide Transit services to enable them to reach their clientele.